Trading Signals

Trading Signals

A New Trading Signals Service?


I have been getting a lot of letters and feedback asking if I would start my own trading signals or trading coaching service.  I have thought about it and a coaching or a trading signals service seems like a great idea.  Now I’m looking to find out how much interest in my trading signals service is there so I would appreciate if you could take part in a little survey



There are a lot of trading signals services out there.  Some trading signals services are very good and also some of them terrible.  I was thinking more about a group trading session.  As we know a big part of trading is the psychological aspect – so trading together in a group and helping each other out has great benefits.  I’ve taken part in many trading signals services myself and trading together and being able to ask questions and chatting to fellow traders really does help.  I would love to share my advice and experience on reaching success trading with you all.

The other option is I could do personal one on one coaching.  Teaching beginners all about trading – money management, psychology and strategies.  It would be great to know who would be interested in this.  Personal coaching sessions could be 30-60 minutes long and consist of 5 different sessions as one package to cover all the relevant topics on trading binary options.


Let me know if you have any thoughts on this trading signals idea.  All of your feedback is very much appreciated!


Happy Trading!


Estonian Trader is Live!

Estonian Trader is now live!  You can find a link to the YouTube channel here.  Our first video is just to announce the channel launch, with more videos and content here on to follow very shortly. In the next video we’ll be taking a look at what exactly binary options are and from there looking at what you need to trade them profitably.  I’ll also talk a bit in future videos about the pitfalls and mistakes to avoid when trading binary options.  I’ve been trading successfully for a while now, however along the way I have learnt some hard, important lessons, and that’s why I am creating Estonian Trader, to help others avoid making the same mistakes I did.

If you have any suggestions or questions about binary option trading, feel free to get in touch in the comments and I’ll either respond directly or make a video devoted to that subject if I feel it makes explaining it easier.  For now, check out the announcement video and subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on the latest developments there.