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Localbitcoins Stops iTunes Gift Card Trading

I tried trading bitcoins on localbitcoins iTunes payment section. There is a huge trade happening between gift cards and bitcoin. This surprised me as well at first. Why is this, why would anyone want to sell bitcoin for gift cards? Why would anyone want to buy a gift card and then purchase bitcoin with it? The answer is simple – 2 billion people in the world are unbanked. They do not have the option of just getting their bitcoin at the market price on an exchange. Also if you need bitcoin fast and you’ve not gone through the verification process with an exchange, you can get bitcoin pretty much instantly with a gift card. So, I tried it out. Why? Because people will buy bitcoin with quite the high markup when paying with gift cards. I created some offers on iTunes gift card payment method. Why? Firstly, just as an experiment. What could I do with these iTunes gift cards? I purchased a whole lot of music, apps and books – all at a discount. So if you are a regular spender with iTunes, you can save 20% when selling bitcoin for iTunes gift cards. Localbitcoins iTunes gift card trade is over? To my sadness I found out yesterday that for some reason localbitcoins iTunes payment method has been removed. This is the official announcement on their forum: They didn’t exactly give a reason why the localbitcoins iTunes payment option was removed. There are threats on the forum that if anyone tries to trade on the forum or even talk about it, they will be banned. I have...

How to Trade Bitcoin

Blockchain can and is reshaping the financial world as we know it. I have been trading for many years now, including forex, binary options and cryptocurrencies. The latter is what excites me the most. This is why I’ve put together a little guide on how to get started.

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